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Don’t call it a hackathon.

The Hacker Olympics is coming to London on the 24th of May 2014 and you’re invited. You’ll team up with your fellow HackerOlympians to do anything from stacking cups to dissecting old computers to writing the worst possible code you can.

Interested? Register here.


What is Hacker Olympics

It’s a part hackathon, part something else entirely. Instead of spending two to three days working on a single hack, your team of five attempt to solve a series of challenges in the allotted time. You get to choose which challenges you tackle, and which team member tackles them. Choose wisely to highlight each team members’ strong suits. At the end of the day, the team with the highest number of points wins glory. fame and real medals!

What are the challenges?

Traditionally we keep the challenges secret, but challenges from previous Hacker Olympics have included:

  • Writing awesome code
  • Writing terrible code
  • Balancing a tower of plastic cups
  • Harnessing your charade skills
  • Playing 90’s Nintendo computer games against other teams
  • Writing out famous song lyrics as code


This year, we’re tailoring the challenges around London, dry British wit, and the local European tech scene in order to bring you a Hacker Olympics like never before.

Sign Me Up

Space is limited and registration is filling up fast, so head over to the registration page on eventbrite and sign up now. Good luck out there, and have fun!