Wix Takes Customer Experience Into Their Own Hands And Builds A Twilio-Powered Call Center



Meet Wix, a platform that allows anyone to easily build customized websites or online stores. They take their customer service seriously, and when users have a question or need a hand building a website, they call Wix’s support team for live one-on-one help.>
In the beginning, this worked well for their one million users. But, when their number of users jumped to 20 million in just two years, Wix had to answer a difficult question: How does a company with limited resources scale their phone support for millions of customers? And, how do they do it fast?

Build it or Buy It?

J.Moore_Wix recognized they had two choices: build or buy. They shopped around for cloud based communication apps to solve their customer support challenges, but the apps didn’t scale to their customers’ call volume.

“We looked at a lot of different things,” said Jamison Moore, Director of U.S Sales and Support at Wix. “I come from a cloud background so early on, I knew that’s where I wanted to go. I had experience working with PBXs, whether they be open source or off the shelf. I understood all the problems that came along with that.”

After a fruitless search, they turned to Twilio.

With the tools they needed at hand, Wix used the Twilio API to build themselves the call center they were searching for.

The Power of an Agile Contact Center

Jamison Moore talks about building Wix’s call center at TwilioCon.

Within six weeks, Wix was up and running with their own Twilio-powered call center.

“What we could do with the Wix Call Center was actually more robust than what our provider could do,” said Jamison. By opting for a cloud-based solution, Wix avoided the hassle of building their own internal PBX and gave themselves more time to focus on what they do best–making their customers happy.


“Twilio handles the backend telephony while we focus on building a better call center,” says Jamison. Wix used their new call center to gather data that improved their customers’ support experience. They tracked average processing time of a call, the average wait time, the call abandonment rate, and average call length during specific hours of the day.

With this new data in hand, the Wix team built a new call scheduler to streamline their support even further. Their call scheduler lets customers to schedule support calls at their convenience. The scheduler also allows support management to control the flow of support calls intelligently, so support isn’t overwhelmed and customers aren’t kept on hold.

Within months, Wix doubled their capacity for scheduled support calls without hiring new staff. They reduced their call handle time by 30% and lowered their call center points of failure. Most importantly, Wix regained control over of their customers’ experience by switching to software based communication solutions.

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    Wish Twilio created a simple readymade solution for small businesses (under 5 employees)

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      Hey Vincent. We’re happy to connect you with Twilio partners (twilio.com/partners) who can build a solution for you, or point you to a few tutorials that will show you how to build your own solution. What are you looking to do with Twilio?