Building Better Phone Trees With Twilio Using Multivariate Testing


In our earlier blog post, Twilio for Phone Trees, we showed you how to create a phone tree using Twilio, Ruby, and Sinatra. In this post, we are going to apply one of the web developers most powerful tools, multivariate testing, to many company’s favourite communications tools, the phone tree. Multivariate testing will allow us to answer a lot of different questions about our phone tree:… Read More

Surfs Up: Brooks Lambert Gives Back To The Surf, Helps Nonprofits Communicate Via Twilio SMS


Qwikon helps nonprofits communicate. Learn more about the program, committed to supporting nonprofit and social good organizations using communications technologies at Surfing was the catalyst that inspired Brooks Lambert  to found Qwikon back in 2012 [read our story about it here]. Now, Brooks is using his business to help give back to the surfing community, and show others how surfing can change their lives… Read More

Using Natural Language Processing for Better SMS Interfaces Using Twilio and Python’s TextBlob


The International Telecommunications Union, the telecom agency for the United Nations, recently released some data suggesting for every 100 people on Planet Earth, 96 of them have a subscription to a cellular service.  That means there are nearly as many cell subscriptions out there as human beings – a stonking 6.8 billion. Holy biscuits – that means there might well be more cell phones out there… Read More

Introducing Twilio CX for Chromebooks: Taking Enterprise Communications Into The Era of Software

Twilio CX for Chromebooks

Relying on hardware to power your communications can weigh your business down. We worked with Google to help free enterprises from hardware closets, cables and clunky desk phones and bring them into the age of flexible, scalable software. Today we’re happy to announce Twilio CX for Chromebooks, a ready-to-use software powered communications solution running entirely on a Chromebook using Chrome OS. There’s no set up or… Read More

Win Your Copy of Roger Stringers New Twilio Cookbook: Share Your #TwilioRecipes


Roger Stringer is back with a second edition of his Twilio Cookbook and we want to give you a copy. The cookbook is a one-stop shop for all the recipes and code samples you to build your own Twilio projects. In this new edition, Roger shows you how to use Twilio Picture Messaging, Call <Queue>ing, Twilio Client and more to create anything from own Picture Messaging… Read More

In Town For Google I/O? Come Watch The World Cup With Twilio

World Cup

You might have heard some rumblings recently about an international event that everyone’s talking about. Yes, we are in fact talking about Google I/O. Also, the World Cup is in full swing this week and you’re invited to watch the US vs Germany World Cup game and eat breakfast with Twilio and your fellow Google I/O goers Thursday, June 26th, 8:30am at Mars Bar. With 250… Read More

Sending SMS From Your Go app


Hi, I’m Ricky, one of Twilio’s Brooklyn based Developer Evangelists. One of my favorite tips from The Pragmatic Programmer is to learn at least one new language every year. To challenge myself in 2014, I’m learning Go. There were a few things that got me excited to try Go: it’s open-source, runs on many platforms (OSX, Linux, Windows) and has an adorable gopher named Gordon as… Read More

Garduino Phone – Saving Plants from Negligent Parents using Twilio, Arduino and Sinatra


A few months back I built some raised beds with the intention of giving my wife and I something to do on the weekends. However two things happened immediately after I built the beds that really hindered my gardening ambitions. First, the garden went totally insane sprouting up 4 foot brussel sprouts, producing more fat beets than Ryan Lewis and in general taking over our whole… Read More

Vengo Labs Re-Invents Vending Machines With New Tech, Twilio SMS


In 2012, Brian Shimmerlik (pictured right) tackled a tough question posed by NYC Next Idea: “what does the future of New York City advertising look like?” His answer was a new breed of vending machines called Vengos. These aren’t your typical “put in a dollar, press A2, and watch your bag of chips get stuck” vending machines. Vengos have a slick touch screen and offer anything… Read More