Lowering the Barrier to Enter the Sharing Economy: Airenvy Communicates Clearly with Twilio SMS


logoIt’s almost like getting paid to go on vacation. Renting out your house or apartment while you’re out of town is an easy way to make a few extra bucks. But short term renters using services like AirBnB or Homeaway occasionally bite off more than they can chew. Managing cleanings, check ins, check outs, and key hand-offs is time consuming and most renters don’t want to do it.

Airenvy has a mission to address, simplify and automate the common problems short-term renters face.

They take care of all the logistics for short-term renters to ensure their guests have a great experience, and renters return home to a clean apartment. Airenvy offers users a concierge service so if a guest has a question while you’re on vacation and renting out your place, you don’t have to worry about it.

While you’re sailing the high seas, or hitting the slopes, Airenvy makes sure you’re getting the most out of your rental. They’ll suggest price increases based on events in your area, holiday schedules and demand.

Transparency Via Text: Keeping Everyone On The Same Page

Lack of communication is one of the most common problems in short-term rentals. When the renter and guest aren’t on the same page, both parties suffer. Airenvy looked to alleviate this problem using SMS to keep renters and guests in touch with each other.

“We realized that transparency through communication was key to solving the problem” said Mariusz Lapinski, Developer at Airenvy. “The quality of interaction with guests and owners is remarkably high. Text messages are very effective for sending task reminders, delivering time sensitive messages to our guests and owners, and notifying our team of a guest arriving to the rental property.”

If the renter wants to change their schedule, they can log on to Airenvy to update their rental calendar in the Airenvy dashboard. As soon as they post the changes, both parties will see the updated calendar.

This communication does more than make sure checkouts happen on time — it adds a personal connection to the rental. “Text messages add a personal touch to an automated process,” says Mariusz.

Now the Airenvy team is working to make their booking process even easier. They’ve just launched their Virtual Property Manager which allows guests and renters to view their rental status, check out dates and more from an easy to use dashboard.

Learn more about Airenvy and their service here