Win Your Copy of Roger Stringers New Twilio Cookbook: Share Your #TwilioRecipes

Roger Stringer is back with a second edition of his Twilio Cookbook and we want to give you a copy. The cookbook is a one-stop shop for all the recipes and code samples you to build your own Twilio projects. In this new edition, Roger shows you how to use Twilio Picture Messaging, Call <Queue>ing, Twilio Client and more to create anything from own Picture Messaging Gallery to a browser-based phone support system.

We have copies of the new Cookbook with your name on it, all you have to do is the following:

Your Challenge

  • Pick your favorite Twilio recipe
  • Share it as gist
  • Tweet it to us with the hashtag #TwilioRecipes.

Pick or write your favorite snippet of code that helped you build that Donna Summers themed conference line, or Game of Thrones SMS quiz (okay, those might be my own personal ideas).

The Prize

We will pick 5 of our favorite recipes on Friday. Winners will get:

  • Twilio Cookbook Volume 1
  • Twilio Cookbook Volume 2
  • A Twilio T-shirt

The Rules

  • You have submit your recipe as a gist
  • You have to use the hashtag #TwilioRecipe
  • You have to submit your #TwilioRecipe by 12pm on Friday June 27th.

We’ll announce the winners on Friday June 27th. Good luck!

  • tomsturge

    Seems like a misguided competition, great prize but bad barrier of entry.

    You want people that don’t know Twilio very well, hence wanting a book to learn from, to tweet about using the service. Judging by the tweets using the competition hashtag it didn’t go very well…

    • Twilio

      Hey Tom, Thanks for your feedback. We’ll keep that in mind for other Twilio-educational contests. If you have any additional thoughts feel free to email kyleky [at]twilio[dot]com.

  • Shaunak Shah

    Are the results out yet ?

    • Twilio

      Hey Shaunak, We’ll be announcing the winners this week on the blog.