Scaling Support Fast With Twilio and WebRTC: Where To Find Twilio At WebRTC World


WebRTC is changing the way businesses communicate with customers, making it easier for companies to scale their support teams and provide help across multiple platforms. A few years ago, you needed to buy and install hardware to power a contact center. Now you can use WebRTC and Twilio Client to run a fully functional call center straight from your laptop.

We will be on scene at WebRTC World this week in Atlanta, GA to talk to you about how Twilio customers are using WebRTC to save money, keep their customers happy, and scale fast.

Where To Find Twilio at WebRTC World

Look for The Twilio banners in the Exhibit Area of the Conference Galleria and come say hi. Check out the talks we’ll be hosting at WebRTC World

  • Tuesday 3:40-4:10 Using WebRTC to Make Money – Hall A
  • Wednesday 2:40-3:20 WebRTC in Mixed Environments – Hall A
  • Thursday 2:10-2:50 Delivering a Great User Experience – Hall A

Learn How LiveOps and HomeDepot Use WebRTC and Twilio

When RedBeacon was acquired by HomeDepot they had to scale their customer support platform exponentially and in a matter of weeks. Using Twilio and WebRTC they were up and running within 4 weeks, using a completely browser based customer support platform.

LiveOps also uses WebRTC and Twilio Client to allow customer support agents to help customers across multiple channels: video, social media, in-browser calls, and chat.

Get a deeper look into LiveOps and RedBeacon’s keys to success and how you can use WebRTC in this webinar:



What Disney World’s EPCOT Center Can Teach You About WebRTC

Twilio Developer Evangelist, Greg Baugues learned a lot from his visit to Disney World. First off, the EPCOT center stands for “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.” Secondly, they have to update the EPCOT center yearly to make sure Disney’s view of the future is current. Finally, software is the force that’s changing our view of the future. To quote Marc Andreessen, “software is eating the world” and WebRTC is helping drive that software-centric world by enabling new ways to communicate.


Learn more about how you can use Twilio and WebRTC here