Announcing The #TwilioRecipe Contest Winners


Last month, we put the call out for you to share your favorite #TwilioRecipes to get a shot at winning the second edition of Roger Stringer’s new Twilio Cookbook. Today, we’re happy to announce the winners of the contest who will receive Twilio swag, both editions of Roger’s cookbook and more. Here are the winners and their recipes:

Shaunak Shah

Shaunak Shah is working on two different apps to make job searching and recruiting easier. He is currently a Software Engineer in the VOIP industry and first discovered Twilio while researching telephony APIs for a personal project.

In his Twilio Recipe, he shows you how to screen incoming calls with Twilio.


Sean Walberg

Sean is a Linux developer based in Winnipeg, CA. A few years ago, Sean’s part-time project became a full-time job. His app “Payroll by Wave,” was acquired and is still up and running, helping small businesses manage their payroll effectively.

For his recipe, Sean shows you how receive incoming Twilio SIP calls and even wrote it up in his blog


Alex Dunae

Alex is a music minded developer, and founder of Tickit. He first was introduced to Twilio by the inimitable Patrick McKenzie in 2010, and then integrated Twilio SMS into Tickit’s app. Now, concert promoters now get text messages when their concerts are close to selling out, so they can offer deals and update ticket prices.

He shows you how to get Monit Notifications via SMS in his recipe.


If you missed out on the contest, you can grab your copy of the Second Edition of Roger Stringer’s Twilio Cookbook here.