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Chartio Adds Twilio As A Data Source, Making Your Twilio Stats Beautiful and Accessible


Chartio pulls back the curtain behind your company’s data and displays it in a digestible way. When your data is eye-friendly, organized and automated you can pull out key metrics and make informed business decisions faster. If you’re already hours and hours into organizing a thousand row spreadsheet, give yourself a break let the pros handle it before you go table-cell blind.

Now, Chartio supports Twilio as a data source, giving you a one stop shop for your Twilio metrics. In your Chartio dashboard, you can customize which metrics you want insight into, and control the layout of reports.

In addition to Twilio, Chartio also connects to other third party’s metrics,  essential to your business. Let’s say you’re running a Salesforce campaign that’s integrated with Twilio SMS and Voice to boost sales and engagement numbers. Using Chartio, sync your Salesforce and database data to measure how the phone is affecting your Salesforce leads, all in one dashboard.

We’re happy to work with Chartio, a Twilio Technology Partner to give Twilio users a deeper dive into the communication metrics that are essential to their business.

Garrett Langley, Vice President of a fan-engagement mobile app called Experience, says visibility into the company’s SMS usage is essential to measuring their success. “We use Twilio data to monitor total SMS sent and the error rates, and Chartio to keep an eye on that SMS data. For us, SMS is the lifeline of our business, so being able to keep an eye on our SMS success is extremely important.”

Twilio Dashboard

To get started head on over to Chartio and choose Twilio as a datasource, sign in to Twilio and you’re up and running.

Learn more about Chartio and how you can use them to manage your data here

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