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AlexAlex Zehnbacht (pictured right) got involved in the moving industry right after he moved to the US in 2003. Alex got busy fast. He worked as a salesman, foreman, and visual estimator. He founded Moving, which was sold to in 2008. The deeper he dove into the rabbit hole of the moving industry, the more he saw how badly it needed fixing. So, this past January he did something about it, founding

The moving industry suffers from a quality versus quantity problem. There are a myriad of movers but sifting through quotes and finding movers that are local, licensed and vetted can leave a client exhausted. What’s worse is that “anyone can buy leads, including really bad moving scammers,” says Alex. aims to save clients the hassle of sifting through unqualified movers, and puts them in touch with quality movers in their area.

“I figured a search engine where movers appear based on all the criteria would be a better resource, allowing clients not just to find movers but make an assessment of how the mover’s profile matches their needs,” said Zehnbacht.

When users show interest in a mover, they can call the number listed on’s site. MovingCompanies uses Twilio Voice to screen the client’s real number so they’re not bombarded with follow up calls or pitches if they’re not interested in that particular mover. To save the client’s time, MovingCompanies makes sure they’re routed to the mover’s direct number, as opposed to a phone tree or holding pattern.
To get started, users enter their ZIP code and browse through movers near them. They can sort through reviews, see the movers’ latest tweets, and call them directly if they have questions. Despite only being seven months old, Alex is confident his company can help change the industry he got started in more than ten years ago.

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