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Introducing New Phone Number Search in the Twilio Account Portal


Today, we are pleased to introduce a new way to find Twilio phone numbers in the Account Portal. The new Phone Number Search in the Account Portal makes it easier to search through millions of number options, in 600 different prefixes and area codes in nearly 50 countries.

Finding the right phone number is an important task. Phone numbers represent geographies, different use-cases and often a brand identity that we all see even before we answer a call. At Twilio, we do our best to help by adding more phone number choices in existing and new geographies; and giving you the tools you need to find them. .

The Twilio Phone Number Search API lets you programmatically search the entire Twilio inventory for a number that matches a specific pattern, geographic area, or capability of your choosing.

The Twilio Account Portal on the other hand is useful when you need to manually find and assign phone numbers. You can search for numbers by country, by phrase, by digit match, by capability (Voice, SMS, MMS) and unlock more search options in the Advanced Search. The new features include:

  • Option to search by area code and as well as letters instead of numbers.
  • Option to search with a new wildcard character, ‘%’, which matches any number of characters, in addition to ‘*’ which matches exactly one character.
  • Advanced search mode where you can specify the number type such as local, mobile and toll-free; search for number combinations in the beginning, end or anywhere; and residency certification requirements.



We hope you find the new Phone Number Search useful as you build your communications apps with Twilio. Please email us if you need any assistance.

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