Coding for Good: Hack for Social Good and Work Directly with Nonprofits


Many times great apps and prototypes are built at hackathons, but once the event is over you’re not quite sure what to do with it. Or maybe it’s almost completed but you’d like real feedback from a nonprofit in need before you spend more development cycles. We’re looking for developers who have projects focused on social benefit or poverty, and who are interested in working directly with nonprofits in need.

You can demo your project to organizations such as Juma Ventures, JCCSF, Mission Graduates and more. You’ll have the chance to get direct feedback on how you can create an actual solution to address their needs.

To demo a hack, app, or project we’re looking for developers who can commit to helping nonprofits succeed with technology. You’ll need to be ready to:

  • Demo your app for 3-4 minutes for our nonprofit audience
  • Commit to working on at least one cycle of defined updates to get you hack to the finish line
  • Open source your hack, added to the Github
  • Review and manage any community contributions for at least 3 months.

Here’s the criteria we’ll need from your project.

  • A working app, hack or prototype – could be from a hackathon or side project
  • Ability to share your code via web link and open source the project
  • Commitment to above requirements

Here’s what we’re looking from non-profits
We should get involved organizations to provide a list of needs, app ideas, etc – anything to help guide applications. More details and parameters the better.

RSVP here: