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Teaching Twilio: Introducing an API for Providing Twilio Feedback on Call Quality


Today we’re launching a Feedback API that allows you to give us feedback on the call quality of each call you make on Twilio. Your feedback allows us to apply big-data-style learning to call quality across all of our calls globally to ensure call quality is consistent and reliable.

At a more individual level, the Feedback API also allows our support team to answer your questions faster, and dive deeper into any problematic calls or issues you might have using the data from the Feedback API.

Using the Feedback API, you can incorporate the ability for users to submit feedback right within your app. Users can rate the overall quality and select which category of problem their issue falls into – just provide a UI like the one pictured below, and plug it into our API:

feedbackapiYou can also submit call feedback to us directly from the call logs within the account portal.

Twilio receives this information tied to the CallSID, so we can then do deeper analysis on any issues. By crowd-sourcing the feedback in this way, we can get a much better picture of what scenarios and corner cases need further attention.

The Feedback API also includes a summary endpoint, so you can get a high level overview of the feedback that has been reported. For example:

$ curl -G \
-d "StartDate=2014-01-01" \
-d "EndDate=2014-01-31" \
-d "IncludeSubaccounts=true" \
-u 'AC7b659acc64804bd8bc01a2d9d5XXXXXX:{AuthToken}'

If you need us to dig deeper into anything, we’re a simple away.

To get started with the feedback API, check out the docs here

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