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Radish Streamlines Customer Support Calls with ChoiceView, Visual IVR


Sitting on hold while trying to contact customer support is tedious and time consuming. But, navigating through a never-ending phone tree of options can be even worse. Radish Systems is trying to streamline the process of getting to an operator, and getting the help you need by using a Twilio powered Visual IVR.

Radish Systems’ Visual IVR, ChoiceView, lets the caller navigate through the phone tree using visual prompts displayed on their phone, while still joined to a call. Instead of second guessing “Do I press 9 for technical support or 6?” and getting lost in a phone tree, ChoiceView presents your navigations options clearly. Call center agents can process customer information from insurance cards, to credit card information faster now that customers can take photos of their cards while still on a call.

Theresa M. Szczurek, CEO of Radish Systems, hopes that ChoiceView will make life easier for customers, while saving businesses time and money. “[With ChoiceView] callers experience faster resolution of inquiries, higher satisfaction, improved understanding, recall and retention of information by 600%.”

ChoiceView uses a dynamic link library to display the caller’s navigation options and Twilio’s Voice API connect the caller’s touch commands to the phone tree. Having just won a critical patent on Voice/Visual IVRs, Radish Systems is hopeful that ChoiceView will be the new standard in customer support.

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