• mndrix

    When do you plan to accept Bitcoin payment?

    • Manav Khurana

      I knew Bitcoin would come up as a question on this blog :). It is definitely an interesting addition. Will keep you posted as we get closer to adding the Bitcoin payment option.

      • http://www.mozzarellashop.it MasviL

        Any news?

        • http://www.twilio.com Twilio

          Hey MasviL,
          No news yet. Again, we’ll keep you posted about our payment options.

  • http://ttouf.elance.com Nacef

    Are you keep my private paypal information ? (Email and Paswword)
    You will make periodic deduct (monthly or yearly…) from my paypal account ? OR I am free to use it, sign up for one month or two months in a year ?

    • http://ttouf.elance.com Nacef

      I’ll answer myself, because you did not do…
      Yes you will make periodic deduct (monthly) from my account, and this is the most worst that I expect.
      So there is no difference between using a card or PayPal.
      Unfortunately this does not suit me.

      • Manav Khurana

        Hi there, please accept our sincere apologies that we missed your question. The notification about your question fell through the cracks. We are correcting the notification issue.

        Back to your question, we don’t see your PayPal password and do not store it. We do see your email and store as the identifier of your account.

        The default option is for our users to refill their accounts with one-time payments. We do provide an option to auto-recharge their accounts, which is something you control in the billing section – https://www.twilio.com/user/billing.

        Hope this answers your question. Please feel free to email us directly at help@twilio.com if you have any further questions.