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Twilio Introduces Payment Via PayPal


I am a fan of the minimalist wallet and I am not alone. Over 500 Kickstarter projects have redesigned the classic bi-fold wallet for all of us who prefer carrying plastic and avoid ATM (cash) machines. PayPal further reduces our paperwork for transactions – and of course, gives us one more excuse to move to those snazzy slim wallets. Today we’re pleased to announce you can now use PayPal to pay for your Twilio usage.

In 26 currencies and 203 countries, the PayPal payment option lets you apply your PayPal balance, bank transfers, credit cards, PayPal Credit, and debit cards towards your Twilio usage.

Like with credit cards, PayPal can be used for both one-time payments and auto recharge options for your Twilio account. You may also now designate primary and backup payment methods if you have linked more than one credit card or PayPal account. To link your PayPal account to your Twilio account:

1. Go to the Billing Section in the Twilio Account Portal

2. Click on “Add a Payment Method” in the “Payment Methods” tab.

3. Choose the PayPal option, click on the PayPal logo to enter your Paypal credentials and click “Add PayPal” to confirm.


We are excited to release this update and hope that we have simplified your payment experience. You can always email if you need any assistance.

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