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Twilio Open Source Rapid Response Kit Adds Heroku Button and New Volunteer Tool


Earlier this year, we released the Rapid Response Kit (RRK), a set of open source tools built for disaster relief efforts. The RRK lets first responders deploy much needed communication apps in minutes.

The community response was incredible with developers offering their contributions to the project. Most recently the RRK was deployed by the Rhode Island Code for America fellows for the Providence Student Union to rally support through SMS broadcast on changing legislation around free bus passes for students.

Today, we have two new capabilities in the RRK including a brand new tool and a one-click hosting addition that makes it even easier to deploy.

One-click Deploys with Heroku Button

The RRK includes tools that require full hosting in order to send and receive calls or messages. The recent launch of Heroku Button fits right in with our open source tools, and is perfect for those looking to quickly get up and running with an existing code base, or to get others using their code quickly and easily. Clicking a “Deploy to Heroku” button will take the user through a flow that sets up and configures a Heroku app running the source code in a few simple steps.

Give it a try right here!


Read more about Heroku’s latest release on their blog.


Volunteer Signup

Send a broadcast SMS to a list of numbers and record their response directly to a Google Spreadsheet. This is a great basic tool for organizing a call down of volunteers to see who is available, scan responses, and confirm participation.


Learn more about these new tools in the Github readme and Heroku’s blog.

This open source tool kit is part of the initiative providing support and resources to nonprofits looking use communications technologies in their efforts. These open source tools provide organizations with easy-to-use technologies so they can spend less time building and more time focused on changing the world.

The Rapid Response Kit is just one area where we need community members and developers to contribute. Visit our Github and if you’re interested in being notified of opportunities to code for good, please email

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