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Nordstrom Uses Twilio MMS To Increase Store Sales, Reach Customers Directly


With one click online shopping everywhere, it’s tempting to stay inside, and make the gamble that a size Medium will fit just fine. The employees at Nordstrom’s prefer to leave the guess work out of the equation and get you fitted in the right outfit in person. When Nordstrom saw their online sales steadily climbing, and their brick and mortar store sales dwindling, they used they used Twilio MMS to get shoppers in stores.

NordstromWhen it comes to fashion, communicating visually is the only way to do business. Nordstrom needed a way to reach customers directly and entice them to make their purchases in person. Email campaigns can feel impersonal to customers, and it’s much harder to track the effectiveness of print advertising. Nordstrom chose Twilio MMS to enable their employees to reach out to customers with pictures of outfits and garments they might like. The results were astounding for Nordstrom.

The app that Nordstrom salespeople use to communicate with customers, NEXT, is growing rapidly. “Many customers have told us they prefer to connect with their salesperson by text messaging,” said Scott Jones, VP of personalization at Nordstrom to “Using the Nordstrom texting app NEXT, our salespeople are able to share recommendations, product images, and timely reminders of upcoming events in a safe, secure, and seamless manner, with our customer in control of the experience at all times.”

MMS has eight times the engagement of other mediums like SMS. Nordstrom saw a drastic increase in retail sales after implementing Twilio MMS and is now working on ways they can use MMS in addition to SMS to streamline sales as well as internal logistics.

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