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VictorOps Launches Their Transmogrifier, Making Being OnCall Easier For Developers With Twilio


With great power comes great responsibility. No one knows this better than on-call developers. VictorOps sees developers as so powerful, that they produced a comic book chronicling on-call developers’ harrowing stories of being the only hero in-between an incident and their customer base. To help make being on-call easier, VictorOps offers a powerful tool for incident alerts (such as Twilio SMS powered alerts), escalation plans, and timelines to give every team member insight into the developing incident. Today, their taking a page straight out of a comic book and launching the Transmogrifier.

We caught up with VictorOps CEO, Todd Vernon, to talk with him about his own experiences being on-call, information silos, and what Calvin and Hobbes has to do with making your developers happy.

Alerts aren’t as smart as you. The keys to solving incidents in a a timely fashion is to give on-call developers the information they need, fast. VictorOps’ Transmogrifier lets you append reports, documents, Graphite graphs, and gifs so on-call has all the information they need when an alert comes in. VictorOps CEO Todd Vernon says the Transmogrifier is a critical part of eliminating “silos of data” on operations teams, and reducing incident response time.

Giving developers the right information isn’t enough. VictorOps is well aware of alert fatigue that plagues operations teams. A simple database report is far different from a mission critical incident, so why use the same means to communicate two different instances? VictorOps uses Twilio SMS and Voice in addition to push notifications to provide developers with a tiered alert system. This means that the right people are alerted in the right way, so they can save time (and sleep).

Learn more about VictorOps by visiting their website here

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