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12 Hacks of Christmas – Day 11: SMS Laundry Alerts


Worse than a lump of coal in your stocking is the terrifying experience of discovering your clothes in a wet pile on the floor at your local laundromat or the shared laundry room in your dorm or apartment. Many of us have been there – maybe we forgot to set our alarm or simply fell asleep. Instructables user MakerBee knew there had to be a way to solve this problem and built the Adruino+Twilio Powered SMS Laundry alerts sytem. We couldn’t think of a better hack to highlight day 11 of #12HacksOfChristmas.Picture of Washer Dryer Laundry Alarm using Arudino & SMS Text Messaging Alerts

Head over to Instructables for full instructions on building your own version of this hack. And until tomorrow, Happy Hacking and Happy Holidays to all!

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