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TalkLocal Automates Your Search For Local Vendors Using Twilio


Oh the joys of automating nagging tasks. For example: That pipe is leaking. You have to find a plumber, you’ve known this for a while. However, the existential dread of sifting through  plumbers’ Yelp interviews might make you delay that task. TalkLocal has a solution. Submit a short request with what you need done, where you need it done, and when you need it done. They’ll find you a vetted plumber (or any other household service) quick. Blam, your to do list just got automated.

TalkLocal uses Twilio to automate outbound calls to vendors from plumbers to dentists. After TalkLocal does the leg work, you can pick with dentist, plumber or electrician you’d like to go with.

After notching 2.6 million in funding, TalkLocal is full steam ahead, gathering new customers on the consumer and vendor side. “A lot of consumers want to talk to vendors before they make a decision of who they work with,” Manpreet Singh, Co-Founder and President of TalkLocal told The Washington Post. “There are very few services where you’ll be happy with whoever just shows up.”

TalkLocal uses Twilio’s call tracking data to log which vendor’s calls convert into business, and charges them a fee for that connection. To make things even easier for the customer, TalkLocal plans to roll out another way they can log service requests without having to type. Singh plans to ship a feature that will let customers record their voice, translate their speech to text, and submit that request to vendors. His team is also working on a new suite of mobile and android apps.
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