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Twilio Client Android Update Completes Automated Low Latency Routing Availability Across All Twilio Client Platforms

Programmable Voice iOS SDK

Today, we’re happy to announce that v1.2 of our Twilio Client Android SDK is now available to all. This release brings our Global Low Latency (GLL) technology to the Android SDK Client, rounding out our 2014 for Twilio Client nicely as GLL is now available on each of Twilio Client’s supported platforms: Web, iOS and now Android.

To take advantage of the new features, all you need to do is make sure you’re using the 1.2 version of the Android SDK, available here. There are no code changes required.

Latency is the enemy of real time communications, causing users on the call to speak overtop of each other. GLL makes dynamic media routing decisions to ensure the best calling experience possible with minimal latency, no matter where in the world the endpoints are. Your media is always routed via the Twilio data center closest to each user–any one of our seven data centers spread across five continents. We pick the best path for your media in order to minimize both the geographic distance and the number of hops over the public internet. This means wherever your users are, and wherever they’re calling, they experience the best possible call experience.

Finally Android 1.2 brings a couple of other enhancements: you can tweak the verbosity of debug logging, and you can use the SDK with Android Studio. You can also use the new Mobile Quick Start which we released in November with Android 1.2.

We invest in building our GLL infrastructure so that you can build a global service without worrying about the global communications infrastructure. Twilio customers are using Twilio Client to build services that offer a different type of communication, where the interaction is embedded right within the context of what you’re working in. We’d love to hear what you’re building.

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