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  • By Greg Baugues
    SMS Powered Star Wars Trivia with PHP and Twilio trivia-awakens

    This weekend millions of moviegoers will stand in line and sit in theaters waiting for The Force Awakens. We thought we’d give them some spoiler-free entertainment in the form of SMS powered Star Wars trivia.

    If you’d like to play, text your name to 74310.


    This app is powered by 40 lines of PHP and a text file full of questions. All you need to recreate it is a Twilio account and a server on which you can host a PHP file.

    Reply to an SMS

    Sign up for a free Twilio account and buy a phone number.

    Scroll down to the messaging request URL and punch in the url of your PHP server, appended with trivia.php . It’ll look something like:

    On your …

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  • By Ari Sigal
    In-App Video Now Available in Public Beta Twilio Video enters public beta

    Today, we’re excited to announce that Twilio Video is available to all Twilio customers as a public beta. You can now access our iOS and Javascript SDKs from the Twilio account portal, and embed live peer-to-peer video into your mobile and web applications. (Request access to Android SDK here).

    We are stoked about the potential of in-app video calling – because it enables use cases that surpass a traditional face-to-face video call. But here’s the curious thing, traditional video calls have only really gained serious traction within the consumer space.

    With our consumer hat on, we use video chat much differently than we would in a professional setting, or when asking for customer service. With cousins that are 10,000 miles away from me at any given time, video calling is essentially the foundation of my entire relationship with them. It works for that relationship. But in a work …

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  • By Devin Rader
    Find Volunteer Opportunities using Twilio, VolunteerMatch and ASP.NET Twilio_VM_API_project

    It’s the holiday season. For many of us it’s a time we reflect on how fortunate we are in our own lives and also how we can use our skills to give back to others in our communities. There are many organizations who are dedicated to the service of others and getting involved with one can be an immensely rewarding experience. But how do you know what organizations and opportunities are available in your local area?

    VolunteerMatch is a website that makes it easy to match your skills to volunteer opportunities in your local area. They also have an API which is something we at Twilio are super fond of. In the spirit of the holiday season we partnered with VolunteerMatch to build an app that makes it even easier to find local volunteer opportunities.

    Give it a try right now by texting your zip code to (314)-282-8630.

    In this …

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  • By Phil Nash
    Supercharge your Programmable Chat with Hubot

    Hubot is your company’s robot. That’s what it says on Hubot’s home page anyway. But what if Hubot could be more than that? What if Hubot could be your users’ robot, your customers’ robot or, why not, everybody’s robot?

    If this hasn’t made any sense, then you haven’t come across GitHub’s home grown, chat room dwelling, automation bot yet. Hubot is an open source chat bot that you can program to sit in your company chat room and respond to messages, from doing simple things like posting images to anything you can dream of in code.

    With the recent launch of Twilio Programmable Chat I added a little launch of my own: a Hubot adapter for Programmable Chat. This means that you can add Hubot into your Programmable Chat based chat and use any of the hundreds of scripts that developers have developed for the bot over the years. …

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  • By Ricky Robinett
    Learning Meteor.js: A Simple Chat App Tutorial Meteor

    Meteor.js allows developers to share their JavaScript between the client-side and server-side in a project. Let’s see how by building a simple chat application using Meteor.js and Twilio’s IP Messaging.

    Getting the Band Together

    There are just two prerequisites to our application before we get started:

    With that out of the way we can start hacking.

    The First Star I See May Not Be A Star
    We’ll start by creating a Meteor project called simplechat:

    meteor create simplechat

    We can run our app straight out of the box by going into the directory in which it was just created and running the meteor command. Now browse to http://localh …

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  • By Kyle Kelly-Yahner
    Rajiv Perera Scales His Caretime App With NodeJS and Twilio geolocation

    rajivThere’s a delicate art to asking a caregiver to report where they are, when they got there, and what work they’ll be doing, all without sounding burdensome or intrusive. Software engineers like Rajiv Perera (right) are masters of that art.

    Rajiv helped engineer Caretime to give health care employers all the information they need from caregivers, while producing a minimal amount of friction for caregivers themselves (they opt in to this collection).

    For starters, caregivers use tools they’re familiar with – SMS and Voice. There’s no sync, app download, or manual for clocking in and clocking out. All they have to do is call a number and enter a PIN, or fire off a text. They can also opt in for shift reminders and updates via text.

    Simplicity On The Surface, Intelligence On The Backend

    Caretime is simple on the surface, and a bit more complex on the backend. …

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  • By Eddie Zaneski
    Getting Started with Electron: Building a Desktop Chat App electroncover

    Many of the communities I’m active in have adopted Slack to communicate. Even though Slack has a really sweet web app, I still prefer to use the desktop client for a few reasons.

    • Having a native app means that it’s always on without having to keep a browser tab open.
    • You keep the ability to alt-tab to it.
    • Native notifications – this includes the unread badge count on OS X.

    Building a desktop application can be challenging because of the required platform specific knowledge. If the app you’re building needs to run on different platforms your knowledge requirements increase significantly due to the disparate environments.

    This is where Electron teleports in to save the day. From the repo:

    > The Electron framework lets you write cross-platform desktop applications using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. It is based on Node.js and Chromium and is used in the Atom editor.

    As mentioned …

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  • By Ari Sigal
    On-demand pcaps – Greater Visibility into Elastic SIP Trunking Twilio Blog Elastic SIP Trunking

    Today we are excited to begin exposing packet captures (pcaps) from the edge of the Twilio network. These pcaps help you to configure & troubleshoot Elastic SIP Trunks. This latest tool is available today in your account portal for all SIP Trunking calls. We will automatically generate these pcaps of the signaling for all trunking calls and keep them available for you for 48 hours. Greater visibility into Twilio’s edge helps reduce the time it takes to connect trunks to your IP-PBX, call center, SBC, or SIP server and makes troubleshooting easier.

    Removing the friction from SIP Trunking

    Our goal for Elastic SIP Trunking is to make PSTN connectivity instant to deploy and effortless to scale. This began with the launch of our service with a pay-as-you-go pricing model and instant provisioning of phone numbers and trunks from the account portal. Since then we’ve added complete control over trunks …

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  • By Kyle Kelly-Yahner
    EMC Uses Twilio SMS For IT Alerts, VM Monitoring and Builds An Internal API emclogo

    What if someone gave you back all the time you’ve spent writing unnecessary emails? How much time would you get back? How much would you get done in that time? EMC asking themselves these questions after sending 1.2 million IT alert emails to their 68,000 employees in one month. The project’s success has lead them to develop the same monitoring service for their own 14,000 virtual machines that power many Fortune 500 companies.

    EMC Corporation, an industry leader in cloud computing, data storage, and data virtualization, wanted to find a less labor intensive and more immediate way to alert their employees of IT system updates. Traditionally, if a service was down, they’d draft an email, proof it, get several stakeholders to sign off on it, and then finally send it. By that time, service had been restored, making that email about downtime, largely irrelevant. To save themselves time and resources, …

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  • By Matt Makai
    City Chat with Python, Django and Twilio Programmable Chat City Chat with Python, Django and Twilio IP Messaging

    Looking for a new apartment in your city? Is it election day and you want to remind people to get out and vote? Want to poll residents for the best restaurant in their neighborhood?

    In this blog post, we’ll build a messaging application where messages are broadcast to recipients based on the city reported by their browser location. Having everyone in your city join together in a chat application may seem crazy, but buckle up, because we’re going to give it a try. By combining Python, Django, Twilio Programmable Chat and the Google Maps API we’ll take our best shot at making it easier to find an apartment, remind your neighbors to vote or poll your fellow city residents.

    Tools We’ll Need

    Before we dive into building our neighborhood-based chat application, let’s take a look at the tools we’ll be using throughout this blog post.

    1. The 1.9 version of the …
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