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Nomorobo Blocks 15.1 Million Calls In One Year with Twilio


There are thousands of invisible evil robots making millions of illegal calls to consumers every year. The FTC knows this, telecom lobbyists know this, and Aaron Foss knows the solution – Nomorobo, his Twilio-powered robocall blocking service. Last year alone it blocked 15.1 million calls.

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So how do you make a case to lobbyists that won’t listen, or perhaps don’t understand the gravity of how many calls were blocked? You put in print. That’s exactly what Aaron Foss did.

Aaron anonymized and printed out each call Nomorobo blocked in 2014, and brought the palates of paper with him to Washington to show the gravity of robocalling.

Aaron is in DC again to protest the bills telecom providers claim make them incapable of blocking robocalls. They argue that they have to let every single  call through to prevent anti-competitive behavior (i.e. one cell provider blocking another to hinder competitor’s business). Aaron argues that practices like blacklisting and anonymous call rejection show that their argument is, “just plain wrong.”

The FCC put out a public request for comment, and Aaron took full advantage of it. This morning, he had a meeting with the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau of the FCC to take a stand against misinformation, and put an end to robocalling. (He brought all the printed calls too.)

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