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Building With Authy And Twilio: Keeping Conversations Open And Security Gaps Closed


Communication at its core is just a conversation between two parties. We love good conversation, and we want to make as easy as possible for you build apps that power those connections, and do it securely. Today, we welcomed Authy to the Twilio tribe to make it even easier for you to integrate strong user identification into anything you’re building.

Sign up for Authy, and learn how to implement two factor authentication in Node Express right here.

Back in 2011, Daniel Palacio was getting Authy off the ground in a security landscape that’s virtually unrecognizable now. Those key fobs that used to dangle from our keychain were replaced by our phones. Today, instead of reading a code off a fob, we wait for a text with an authentication code. Two factor authentication is an essential layer of security for every business, but it hasn’t always been easy to implement.

In this video, Patrick Malatack and Daniel Palacio talk about how Authy helps developers save time building out essential security layers, reducing their development cycle from a few months to a few days.


Learn more about Authy joining the Twilio tribe here. #AhoyAuthy

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