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Making The Most Out Of Each Pixel: Reach More of Your Target Audience with MMS Converter


A picture is worth a thousand words, and Twilio customers are making the most out of each pixel they send using Twilio MMS. Customers use MMS to do everything from ensuring you get your packages, to creating collages, to fighting crime.

Today, in order to expand the reach of those innovative campaigns, we’re happy to announce MMS Converter. This is a new tool that enables you to reach audiences beyond the US and Canada, where MMS isn’t supported yet.

Here’s how it works: When Twilio identifies a number in your MMS campaign as international,  or MMS-incompatible, Twilio will store that media, generate a link to the media, and send that link to the user via SMS. (This means you can now also reach non-smartphones with MMS content) There is no additional charge for this — it costs the same as any SMS you’d send. You can learn more about our pricing and deliverability here.

To enable this feature:

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