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Sonar Adds To Its Customer Communication Toolbelt With Twilio SMS


Mayvenn’s first attempt at a customer communication platform wasn’t, shall we say, sophisticated. But, it was necessary. Mayvenn helps salons and stylists sell hair products to their customers with a suite of communication tools. Mayvenn knew a majority of stylists and their customer base didn’t use email; they preferred text.

Mayvenn gave their team a bunch of Sprint phones and assigned them customers to contact with those phones. While Mayvenn’s network of salons and stylists loved the SMS contact, it was hard for Mayvenn to scale with a pile of Sprint phones.

Mayvenn quickly rolled out a new suite of tools for stylists to use. From customer service, to sales, to status updates, and text messages to update them on product deals and appointment booking. They chose Sonar to power their SMS outreach.


Sonar offers a full suite of communications tools to businesses looking for new ways to engage their customers and drive new leads. From widgets that let mobile users text your company directly when they’re browsing your website on the go, to 2-way SMS conversations, to detailed data on your text logs, it’s all there. Twilio powers all of Sonar’s SMS tools.

While Sonar uses a variety of different ways to keep businesses in touch with their customers, Sonar co-founder Matthew Berman says that SMS offers the most immediate and personal connection. “SMS is the best. It’s quick, friendly, and high touch, and has high open rates.”

Now companies like Sidecar are using Sonar to asynchronously reply to customer inquires. Unlike email, the response from both parties is immediate. That ease of use and immediacy is something Matthew is personally invested in. In a previous Sonar blog post he talked about why cutting down response time is so important — it defines your customers experience, and that’s the lifeblood of your business.

SMS creates a personal connection to the customer like no other channel does. Matthew says Sonar’s goal is to make it easier than ever to have high quality conversations with customers on that channel. Whereas some companies might relegate users to a series of phone trees, and forums for help, Sonar sees SMS as the new standard in customer service.

Matthew is hoping to enable businesses to deliver a higher degree customer satisfaction, while increasing their leads.

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