Twilio Monitoring Within Microsoft Power BI: Analyze and Visualize Data

A few weeks back we announced Twilio Monitor  to give you detailed operational visibility into your Twilio account and Twilio-powered apps. This new level of transparency can help you build secure and compliant applications. Monitor logs errors and warnings, tracks usage against thresholds, and provides comprehensive event-logging and change-tracking for Twilio resources. All Monitor data can be consumed via an API within your app, and integrate… Read More

Twilio Signal Day Two Recap: Breaking Down $bash, Bringing On The Builders and They Might Be Giants

The morning of the second day of Signal, attendees were left wondering what they did with their carnival hats, and if the Coney Island for coders they experienced the night before was all just a fever dream. Developers toyed with Lego kits, dropped rings from drones, and manned Arduino powered catapults. Equipped with hackpacks, each ba$h participant vied for coveted prizes: Star Wars memorabilia, adorable stuffed… Read More

$bash Recap: Coney Island For Coders at #SignalConf

$bash got started with a bark. Dressed in full carnival barker / ring leader regalia, Rob Spectre ushered in hundreds of Signal attendees into the carnival for coders. Some hit the cotton candy stand, some ran to throw baseballs at old telecom hardware, and some tried to solve FizzBuzz, a classic coding challenge, as fast as possible. $bash attendees hopped from booth to booth to try… Read More

Announcing The New TwilioFund: Investing $50 Million In The Future of Communications

We live in a software-defined world that’s changing every day for the better, thanks to the work of developers. Investing in developer ecosystems is essential to fuel those ingenious inventions that let you do anything from crowdsourcing language translation, to building a social polling platform good enough for the President’s State of the Union. Today we’re happy to announce a renewed investment in the developer ecosystem…. Read More

Twilio Signal Day One Recap: Ushering In The Developer Era, and The Tools You Need In It

Preparing For Signal, and Lessons From The LEGO Movie This morning, I arrived at Fort Mason early. Prepped my SD cards, blog posts, double checked the launch schedule for our product announcements. I was prepped for Signal, but not prepared for the impact of Signal. I wasn’t prepared for roar of applause when Jeffiel compared bygone-era communications technology providers to Lord Business, the star villain of… Read More

Announcing IP Messaging: APIs for Embedding Advanced Chat

Today, at SIGNAL we announced Twilio IP Messaging. Twilio IP Messaging allows developers to embed advanced person-to-person chat in mobile apps, SaaS products, and websites. So many conversations start with an instant message. It works for doing everything from gathering friends for a night out, to collaborating with coworkers on the latest project. Now, chat can be an embedded and contextual experience in any software application…. Read More

Twilio Video at SIGNAL: Pricing to Support Video in Every Application

Today at SIGNAL, we made the beta of Twilio Video available to all attendees, and announced a fundamentally different pricing model for Video. It is designed to put video in every single app. Twilio Video costs two orders of magnitude less than the per-user and per-minute pricing models prevalent in the industry. Since we announced video a few weeks ago, we’ve had over a thousand developers… Read More

Introducing Global and Epic Conference

Today at SIGNAL, team Twilio unveiled Global and Epic Conference, featuring an entirely new cloud mixing technology. Now, developers can easily embed global audio conferences in their software apps with hundreds, and even thousands of participants. Conferencing technology prevalent in the market today is meant to be used as a standalone service and designed for local scale. Twilio introduced conferencing as a composable API for developers… Read More