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Build Easy Phone Number Based Login With Twilio and Parse


When you’re trying to get users to register for your app, you want to make the sign-up process as easy as possible.

Even if you made my dream app*, I’m not going to download it if I have to create a 15 character password, answer 3 security questions, and search for an email verification link in my SPAM folder.

*Kyle’s dream app is an Adventure Time themed version of Settlers of Catan with some Dungeons and Dragons Version 5 rules thrown in there.

The good folks at Parse know the suffering you’re used to. That’s why they built Anyphone, an easy phone number based login service powered by Twilio.

Parse Developer Advocate Fosco Marotto will show you how to build the open source app that lets your users receive and enter a confirmation code they’re sent via text. Powered by Parse Cloud Code and Twilio, Anyphone gives you an easy way to engineer a seamless login experience for users.

Take a look at Fosco’s walkthrough below and read his full tutorial, originally published on the Parse blog, here.


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