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Diving Into The Internet of Things With IBM Watson And Twilio


Twilio is a tool you can use to build a conversation wherever you need it. You might be building a simple conference line for your co-workers. If you’re IBM, you’re probably forking a Twilio Video stream from an iPad to a JavaScript SDK so IBM Watson can do natural language processing in realtime. It’s probably not your typical conversation archetype, but it is possible with a few APIs.

At Twilio’s Signal Conference the team from IBM demoed their cloud platform Bluemix which allows developers to easily build and deploy apps using the IBM backbone and a litany of third party API services like Twilio.

In the demo they showed off IBM Watson‘s natural language processing abilities in the context of a doctors appointment. You can watch that right here.

Using Twilio Video,the IBM team forked out a media stream into Watson who analyzed the conversation, looking for troublesome keywords in the transcribed history of the patient’s medical appointments. Check out the video of the demo below, as well as Andrew Jordan’s thoughts on how IBM can open up help developers use software to change the world around them via the Internet of Things.

Andrew Jordan Explores Twilio, IBM and the Internet of Things

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