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Introducing The Newly Updated Twilio Status Page


We’ve recently updated our page for quicker, easier communication and improved transparency. After many years of faithful service we’ll be sunsetting our old status page. Our new service offers an improved look and feel, more ways to subscribe to updates, expanded API functionality, and provides a foundation that will allow us to add more features in the future. We’re really excited about our new status page and all it has to offer.

Improved Look and Feel
Components are now easier to navigate thanks to category grouping and drop downs. Everything you need to know about Twilio’s services are easily scrollable from status to system metrics and detailed incident history. Additionally, incident progress and updates have become more granular with incident statuses (Investigating, Identified, Monitored, and Resolved) which update as Twilio works to resolve incidents.


More Ways to Subscribe to Updates

For the roll out, we added SMS and webhooks in addition to email and RSS alerts. Webhooks allow you to point your updates to your site for instant notifications to your customers. To add a webhook or SMS alert, simply go to, click on SUBSCRIBE TO UPDATES and then choose the your subscription preference as shown below:


Improved Metrics
Part of the new status page includes great graphic metrics of our uptime and API response time that you can view by day, week, or month:


Also, a more transparent incident history has been added for developers to research lifetime performance of their apps related to their Twilio integration.

Expanded Status API

The new Status API adds simpler integration and more endpoints to create a more custom status experience for your team and web site.

You’ll see familiar endpoints such as  events, statuses, and services. Also, the new board API allows very specific notification options such as unresolved incidents; scheduled, upcoming, or active maintenance; and incident or page subscriber options.

More Ways to Be Updated

Updating the underlying technology for our status page provides a platform for us to provide additional functionality in the future. Today, you can choose email, RSS, webhook, SMS, or any combination depending on your needs. And coming soon in 2016, 3rd party alerts will help to give you a clearer understanding of potential outages related to Twilio services.

End of Life for Legacy Status Page

We will sunset the old version of Twilio’s status page (goodbye old friend!) and RSS feeds on March 1, 2016. This means that if you are using the RSS and API endpoints, you will need to update them before this time. Here are the new RSS and API endpoint links and documentation.

RSS using Atom

RSS Feed

API Endpoints

We hope you’re as excited about the new status page as we are. We are committed to being a stable and scalable communications platform that your business can rely on. In the rare event of outages or service degradation we are proud to offer featureful and transparent status updates.Thank you!

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