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Video Tutorial: How to Build SMS ETA Notifications with Twilio and Ruby on Rails



Follow along with the tutorial here: ETA Notifications in Rails

Hi Jarod from Twilio here. Today we’re going to walk through one of the sample apps available within Twilio Tutorials.

Production-Ready Sample Apps

When we started building these tutorials, we heard from developers that technical documentation focused too much on isolated “code snippets” and not enough on end-to-end solutions suitable for production environments. This feedback was eye-opening and lead to us implement fully production-ready sample apps, and in this instance, creating the fake company, to illustrate the use-case.

Today I’m going to walk you through and explain how to build SMS ETA Notifications in Ruby and Rails. SMS ETA notifications are an easy way to update your customers on the status of their order or delivery. For example, Uber uses ETA notifications to send you a text when your driver is arriving.
In this short video I’ll demo the final product and live-code a core piece of the implementation. To follow along at home, or to just checkout the code yourself, visit the tutorial on Twilio.

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