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VoiceBase Unlocks “Big Voice” To Deliver A Better Customer Experience

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VoiceBase is sponsoring SIGNAL, the communications conference for developers. Use the code Voicebase20 at checkout for 20% off your SIGNAL tickets.

One of my co-workers, Devin Rader, had a fantastic quote about the old “data-driven” trope that I will paraphrase and potentially butcher. He said “Data doesn’t drive that car, I’m driving the car, but it’s definitely riding shotgun.” Data can tell you a whole lot, but there’s an intractable gut instinct and a human element that factors into the business decisions you make.

A conversation between you and your customer is composed of equal parts cold hard data and funky human sentiment. VoiceBase, a SIGNAL Conference sponsor, helps you parse out the data from conversations so you can deliver your customers more of that awesome human experience they want out of a conversation.

When a customer calls a business that’s using  VoiceBase, that business can use predictive insights (powered by machine learning) to detect and execute complex events. What’s that mean in plain terms for the customer? It means they don’t have to get tossed around a phone tree repeating the same information over and over. It means the customer service agent can see contextual information about the customer’s previous calls that he or she can learn to deliver a better support to the customer.  It also means that you get the right call to the right person easily and programatically.
Here’s how that works:

A few years ago, Jeff Lawson, talked about unlocking the black box of communications. He wanted to democratize communication, and make it programmable so developers and businesses can use it to their benefit. VoiceBase is gunning to unlock what they call “Big Voice” to empower their customers with the data they need.

“For decades telecom has been in a losing fight with big data, because spoken information was always difficult and costly to access. With Predictive Insights we’re unlocking Big Voice and any business with massive amounts of recorded content needs to find out what they’ve been missing in their spoken information” says Jay Blazensky, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer at VoiceBase.

VoiceBase is chipping away at Big Voice one call at a time using Twilio. You can catch them at this year’s SIGNAL conference, the developer conference for communications, May 24th and 25th at Pier 27 in San Francisco.

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