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Build Stranger Things Lights with Firebase, Zapier and Twilio


It’s a 2,280 trek from my desk to Indiana, the home state of Stranger Things.

I will forgo any attempt to calculate my commute to the Upside Down. Not only do I have no interest in grappling with the Demogorgon, but any respected physicist will tell you it’s hard to pin down the Upside Down’s coordinates. It could be beneath me at this very moment, or in another universe.

You can safely bring one hallmark of Stranger Things to your home without a cross country roadtrip, or summoning a beast from another dimension. Rajarshi Nigam engineered Stranger Thing’s rope lights – an interdimensional telephone – into existence. Check out his full rundown here.

This time they’re not powered by otherworldly forces, but rather by Firebase, Twilio, Zapier, and some hardware tinkering. When you send a text to your Twilio number, your Stranger Things lights will spell out the message you sent. If Will Byers had a cell phone and this hack, his life would be a lot easier.

Read Rajarshi’s full tutorial on

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