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Developer Digest: Automating Wedding Stress Away in Python


Old things are new again, just new in a different way. That old NES you used to play Super Mario Bros on…? Well Andrew Reitano’s newly-hacked NES lets strangers turn any level into a water level with one text. This issue of the Developer Digest celebrates the developers making the old new and novel, from fax machines, to wedding invitations, to that trusty old password you still use.


The Digest

A Bunch of Awesome People (Like You) Are Coming to SIGNAL

You’ll learn why the founder of ngrok is hyped about grpc. You’ll share your projects. You’ll learn to wield new Twilio tools. You’ll hone your craft. There’s a session, a track, a speaker, a space for you at SIGNAL. Grab your ticket now, and use the code DEVDIGEST20 to get 20% off your ticket.

Thomas automated away the stresses of planning his wedding using Python. Instead of mailing save the date invitations, he fired off an HTTP request to Twilio. How many guests are having the sirloin entree? The answer is one command away. Read how Thomas did it.

Twilio Programmable Fax— No Foolin’

Two things: Yes, it’s real. Yes, it is also 2017. Fax is now programmable. As proof you can send ASCII Art in Node, or check out the docs, or read how your pizza orders might be powered by fax.

Seriously, It’s Real. Tomasz Already Made Fax Serverless

With a quickness, Thomasz shows you how to use Auth0 Webtasks to send faxes sans server. He even shows you how to expose this as a Slack command. Get /faxing.

Build Passwordless Auth with Elixr and Phoenix
QWERTY1234 is not a solid password. Entering in your email, mother’s maiden name, and zipcode is not a solid user experience. Made by Many shows you how to build passwordless authentication using a few simple APIs.

Docker + Rails Made Simple
Remember the name Guillaume Montard. He put together Dockrails, a simple CLI to generate and run a rails environment using Docker. Get a refresher now.

.NET From The Computer to the Cloud with Docker &
Yep, it’s a double dose of Docker goodness. Dominik Kundel wants you to share that .NET Core app with the world. Learn how to get that bad boy online in this tutorial.


Who Picked Up That Call? Was It You, Answering Machine?

Calls work best when they reach their intended recipient (who normally isn’t an answering machine). You can use the newly released Answering Machine Detection feature for Twilio Voice. Learn how to use it now.

Closing Thoughts

Let that nostalgia sink in for a bit. Just chase it with some creativity. In a little while, those old programming haunts of yours could spark a new project or a new hack. When that spark hits, let us know.

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