Teaching A Developer To Fish…Kind Of


You’re new to the whole coding thing. You land on an API’s website and click through to get started. You’ve got some code examples, but no idea where to put the code or how to make it do the thing you want it to.

You’ve essentially got a fishing pole, you want to grab some fish, but have no idea where the nearest fishing hole is. This is a problem that plagues the tech field. It’s a problem Kyle Woumn & Malika Nikhmonova are trying to solve.

In their SIGNAL session, these two software engineers will walk through the steps they’ve taken to get users to the proverbial fishing hole — shipping the app.

Malika and Kyle have focused on tailoring users experience around a use case, for example, appointment reminders. Having a fixed point on the development horizon helps users stay focused and reach their goal.

But, it takes a village of tutorials, testing and data to build and ensure user success. Malika and Kyle will dive into what they’ve learned through improving the onboarding experience for SMS customers at SIGNAL.

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