Engineering For Redundancy, Hoping Telecom Contractors Don’t Dig Through Your SIP Trunks


You can plan for redundancy. But your plans don’t count for anything when a contractor digs right through the fiber optic cable powering your client’s calls. The folks at Ozonetel know this first hand. One guy and a shovel can make your journey to 5 nines way harder. This is one of the many challenges you face when building a communications network.
Ozonetel laid the groundwork (literally and figuratively) for their communications suite in India. They set up 18 points of presence and helped SMBs and Enterprises across India switch from a hardware based, inflexible call centers to a more agile-cloud based call center. This enabled them to field calls more easily, and keep track of missed calls from customers.
I would prefer to text or chat with a business. When I got a call from Sweetwater Music two minutes after buying a $40 piece of equipment, I was put off. Chaitanya Chokkareddy, CIO of Ozonetel informed me that this was an American-preference, one his customers in India don’t share.

Setting Records In India

His customers call, a lot. They once called an Ozonetel number 7.2 million times in 3 days as part of Unilever’s missed call campaign.
This “missed call” is an action, not a notification on your iPhone actually informing you of a missed call. You give a missed call to show intent. Call a number, hang up. Then, you’ll get a call or text back from the business powering the number. Unilever’s missed call campaign set a Limca record (essentially the Guinness Book of World Records but for India).

Hitching a Ride on Twilio’s Super Network

After setting records in India, the team has moved stateside and they do not want to re-invent the communications wheel, or deal with contractors digging through their communications pipeline. They’re relying on Twilio’s Super Network to power their stateside clients.
“I just want to build,” says Chokkareddy. You can be sure he’s not referring to laying cable. He’s referring to software. Since moving to the united states, Chokkareddy is focused on helping clients unlock the power of Twilio and the suite of Call Center features Ozonetel has built on top of Twilio.
Call recording, forwarding, call tracking, ACD, Screen pop, call queues, dialers, SMS campaigns, the list goes on. All Ozonetel’s clients have to do is port their number over to Twilio. Once they’re plugged into Twilio’s backbone, they can take advantage of Ozonetel’s cloud contact center suite.
“We’re building with Twilio Client to power screenpops for agents, also for iOS and Android apps. We can integrate to Salesforce, and other CRMs, gather callback URLs. We’re building for the modern SMBs, Enterprises” says Chokkareddy.
Using Twilio, Ozonetel can stay focused solely on their new market — construction be damned.