Tell the FCC that Net Neutrality is Important to You

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The future of the internet is at stake. We hope you’ll take a moment to tell the FCC how important net neutrality is to you.

Net neutrality empowers consumers to use the websites and applications that they want without service providers throttling traffic or blocking content. It ensures that innovation and competition — not merger deals — pick the winners and losers of the market. It protects activists, freedom of speech, and voices of dissent.

Unfortunately, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has announced plans to roll back the Open Internet Order, the regulation that put into action our current net neutrality rules.

That’s why today Twilio is joining dozens of other companies and advocacy organizations to urge Chairman Pai to rethink his strategy and preserve net neutrality protections. The FCC needs to hear from the creators of the internet — the developers and DO-ers powering the innovation economy. 

That means you. 

Please take a few minutes right now to file a comment with the FCC. If you need some inspiration on what to say, copy-and-personalize a template from Sign For Good, Dear FCC, or Battle for the Net.

Your voice matters to the future of the internet. Please join us in telling the FCC that strong neutrality rules are vital for innovation, competition, and free speech.