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Announcing SIM Data Sessions and More!

SIM data sessions

  • Troubleshoot device issues and understand network setup.
  • Get detailed internet session information by API or in Console.
  • Reset a SIM’s network connection, remotely.

When you have a fleet of devices out in the wild, it’s important to understand the behavior of those devices as they attempt to access resources on the Internet. You also need to troubleshoot issues and understand the network setup and teardown behavior of all your devices in the wild.

Which is why, we at Twilio, are very excited to announce the SIM Data Sessions Rest API. A Data Session represents an individual data connectivity session between the SIM-connected device and a service that interfaces between the cellular network and the Internet. This will either be a PDP Context via a GGSN or an EPS Bearer via a Packet Gateway. Very simply, you can think of a Data Session as a representation of your device’s internet connection, whenever such a connection exists.

The new SIM Data Sessions Rest API returns a detailed resource list of internet session information. Need to see when a troublesome SIM last came online or what radio network it’s connected to? Check the SIM Data Sessions API. Each resource represents the latest information from your SIM-connected device including the radio tower your device is connected to (2G, 3G, and 4G LTE), approximate location, packets uploaded/downloaded, and more.

# Download the Python helper library from
from import Client
from pprint import pprint

account_sid = 'your_account_sid'
auth_token = 'your_auth_token'

client = Client(account_sid, auth_token)

dataSessions = client.wireless.sims('DEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA') \

for session in dataSessions:

An Improved Console Experience

You’re able to visualize that information through Console.

Programmable Wireless Console

See for yourself:

Step 1: Visit the SIM section of the Console.

Step 2: Select a SIM.

Step 3: Click on the Connectivity tab.


Other Updates to Programmable Wireless

We recently released the ability to remotely reset a SIM’s network connection from the Connectivity tab. This allows you to automate Tier 1 support functions and resolve the connectivity issues common to cellular deployments.

Now, we’re making it even easier to integrate cellular services into the supply chain of a connected IoT product. You can now send and receive Commands when a SIM is in the ready status—it can connect to the network and is capable of consuming network resources in accordance with its Rate Planbut no monthly fee will be charged until the ready status limits are exceeded. The default limits are 250KB of data and 5 Commands sent or received.


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