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Autopilot Lets You Control SMS Conversation Flows with No Code


You don’t have to take a coding class to build that new feature. Autopilot just launched a drag and drop feature that allows you to control SMS with a visual editor.

When a user sends a text to your Twilio powered number, that’s logged in Autopilot. Using a drag and drop interface, you can set up a logic for Twilio, and other third party services, to follow when that text comes in. This gives you the ability to create a friendly bot that can communicate with your users, and also log leads.



Let’s say you’re running an ice cream shop and want to let people know about the grand opening. When a user text the number you’ve advertised, the bot can reply “Hey thanks for texting in, what’s your name?” When the user responds with their name, it becomes a variable that the bot will log and use going forward.

For the next text, the bot can say “Awesome! what’s an email I use to reach you?” When the user responds with an email, you can set if/else conditional logic to check the email is valid. If it is, it’ll send the user a text saying to expect an email and add their email to a segmented list. If not, it’ll send them a text asking for them to check the address again.

You can build the messaging flow that’s right for you and your customers — no code required.

“To make sure that every message matters, businesses must communicate on the channels their customers prefer,” said Patrick Malatack, Vice President of Product Management at Twilio. “With their integration with Twilio SMS, Autopilot is lowering the barrier to entry for marketers who want to create engaging mobile experiences for their customers via text.”

You can read more about Autopilot’s new feature here, or try it out by texting (415) 877-9922.

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