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Introducing new Twilio support plans


Here at Twilio, we are laser-focused on our customers’ success. We take the idea of wearing our customers’ shoes so seriously that some of these shoes hang from the walls of our office to remind us of this commitment. 

We’ve also put a lot of thought into how we can best help you and your business with our support plans, which provide additional assistance to users who need faster support across multiple channels. Since inception, we’ve brought over 50,000 cases to resolution on a paid support plan.

We’ve iterated a lot on our support plans over the last several years.  And today, we’re excited to announce four redesigned support plans to ensure you get the help you need from Twilio, whenever you need it.

Our new support plans

Let’s dive into the basics of what our new support plans look like:

Developer Support: This is our new free support plan, which every customer gets access to when they sign up for Twilio. This plan includes email support, chat support (more on this below), and access to our real-time status dashboard.
We don’t offer specified response times on this plan, but our support engineers will always aim to get back to you within one business day.

Production Support: This plan is great for customers who want email support with faster, predictable response times from our team. We offer guaranteed response times of 3-9 business hours on the Production plan, depending on ticket priority. We’ve also lowered our entry price so more users can take advantage of this support plan.

Business Support: A rebooted version of our popular Premium support plan, the new Business plan is perfect for mission-critical Twilio deployments. Business support includes 24×7 email and phone support for users with sensitive and high severity issues. If you’re experiencing critical issues, Twilio will get back to you in just one hour or less, even if you call at 2 a.m. on a Sunday.

Personalized Support: Our Personalized support plan will stay as is, feature-wise. This is our top tier plan recommended for partners and large software companies that require a closer relationship with Twilio support engineers for planning and problem resolution. This plan includes:

  • 24×7 Response: You get round-the-clock email and phone support with a 1-hour SLA for business critical issues.
  • Named Support Engineer: You’re assigned a designated Technical Account Manager in customer support who understands your needs, your business, and your Twilio application.
  • Support Manager Escalation Line: You’ll have direct access to a support manager on duty to help with any cases that need extra escalation.
  • Quarterly Checkups: We’ll meet with you quarterly to review your support tickets and use cases and to assist with capacity planning and optimizing your Twilio deployment.

You can see the full details on our new support plans, including pricing, here.

A change in pricing

Pricing is now based on your Twilio usage volume, so we can ensure that users who are just starting out with Twilio pay less for support, while companies who are deeply integrated with Twilio (and have more support needs) have a plan that scales with them. As your company becomes more successful with Twilio’s APIs, you can jump to a new support plan that scales accordingly. Minimum base pricing will still be available if your product usage qualifies for it.

Impact for existing support customers

In order to minimize any disruption to current support plan customers, we’ll be grandfathering in all customers on our previous Bootstrap, Premium, or Personalized plans.

If you currently subscribe to any of these plans, your support plan features and pricing will not change unless you choose to switch to a different plan or sign a new contract with a Twilio sales rep.

Added bonus: Chat support

In addition to these new support plans, we’re also excited to introduce chat support for all Twilio customers. Got questions that you need quick help with? Support engineers are standing by on our Twilio chat platform (yes, we have a chat API) Monday – Friday between 4 a.m. – 5 p.m. US Pacific time.

We offer live chat support for questions related to SMS, phone numbers, or your account and billing. Just head over to Console during business hours and you’ll find someone ready to help you out.

We hope that these new support plans, as well as our chat support, will be useful to you. If you’d like to learn more about Twilio support, you can visit our support plans overview or reach out with questions.

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