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Twilio Flex Launched Enterprise Connect 2018


This year at Enterprise Connect the community all came out to party — specifically a launch party for Twilio Flex.

Flex re-imagines a contact center platform, offering programmability at every layer of the stack.

What better way to show off Flex’s programmability than by throwing an Arduino Uno in a blender?

So let’s say you have a call center that’s devoted to monitoring an Arduino Uno’s internet connectivity. In your Flex-powered custom call center dashboard, you could log an event the instant the device loses connectivity. For example, when it meets the unforgiving blades of a blender. That’s exactly what we did.

You can check out Jeff Lawson‘s Flex announcement and Al Cook’s Flex demo (including blending an Arduino) below.

Psst… we love Arduino. We’re deeply appreciative of the Uno that was sacrificed in this demo

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