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Twilio Notify is Generally Available


We’re really excited to announce that Twilio Notify is now generally available. Notify provides one API to make it easy to send bulk notifications to your customers over push, SMS, and Facebook Messenger. It also makes it easy to keep track of their notification preferences, allowing you to make sure they receive critical messages by reaching them on the channels they prefer.

Beta Learnings

Since making Notify available in Beta in April 2017, we’ve seen you use it to power a wide range of innovative use-cases. FallSafety’s workplace safety application uses the accelerometer in a worker’s phone to determine when a fall has occurred, and sends out notifications to the worker’s emergency contacts using Notify. The Texas Department of Transportation uses Notify to send timely alerts to drivers about lane closures, accidents, and construction over SMS, helping them avoid hours of delays.

Over the beta period, we learned about the notifications workflows you wanted to build with Notify. Your feedback helped us refine the API to better support your applications. As a result, we added some new features during the beta period:

  • We announced the Passthrough API to simplify notifying large groups. Instead of writing code to loop through a list of users, you can reach up to 10,000 users across push, SMS, and Facebook Messenger with one API request.
  • We also announced a new message format for APNS to make it easier to send web push notifications on Safari and use the Title attribute in the APNS message format.
  • We started automatically creating the endpoint ID for new bindings, making it unnecessary for you to create a unique ID for each new binding.

Production Ready

As a GA product, Notify is now covered by the Twilio SLA, guaranteeing an uptime of 99.95%. It will also receive full support from Twilio’s global customer support team.

To become generally available, Twilio products need to meet a set of stringent quality and reliability requirements. Over the beta period, Notify was put through significant resiliency testing to identify and eliminate points of failure as well as an audit of security, architecture, and operational processes.

With Notify, you can build alerts and notifications solutions that track user preferences to reach them on their preferred channels. For critical notifications, you can use the Passthrough API to reach a list of up to 10,000 users on all available channels with one API call. And now, you can do all of this knowing that your application is covered by the same reliability and uptime guarantee that covers applications built by AirBnB, Netflix, and Uber.

Get Started Notifying

To get started building your first Notify app, all you’ll need is a free Twilio account (sign up here). Then you can head over to our quickstarts for guides on sending your first SMS notification, iOS push, Android push, Facebook Message, or dive deep into the details of mobile push notifications with Notify and the REST API.

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