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Twilio for Salesforce

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The crew at have noticed that nonprofits and social enterprises are growing ever more serious about data collection, measurement, and engagement with beneficiaries and donors. One of the most common tools we see organizations employing in those pursuits is Salesforce. With support from, it’s no surprise that over 32,000 nonprofit organizations are using Salesforce to power mission-critical workflows.

We decided it’s high time that Twilio provided first-class support for the administrators and developers building on the Salesforce platform. Today, we’d like to invite you to sign up for access to a preview release of Twilio for Salesforce, a managed package for Twilio DOers in the Salesforce community.

Go here to sign up for early access to the preview, and read on to learn more about it!

No Code and Low Code

The Salesforce community is unique group of builders where code isn’t always required to get things done. We’re embracing that model by providing platform-level integration with tools like Process Builder. Using Process Builder, you can execute actions when certain conditions are met within your Salesforce data, like when payment is due, or an appointment is coming up. Using formula fields and field references, you can create and customize SMS notification messages that are sent out when they will make a big impact.

In the coming weeks, we plan to also release an updated Apex library to make communication with Twilio’s full REST API easier. This should enable a wide range of Twilio uses cases, and access to the latest and greatest Twilio products.

Reach Your Audience At Scale with Campaign Bulk SMS

Salesforce Campaigns are common ways to group Contacts and Leads in meaningful ways, like VIP donors or event participants. Twilio for Salesforce provides a GUI component to send customizable bulk messages to Campaign members using Copilot, Twilio’s advanced software layer on top of Programmable SMS. Each SMS sent is tracked as a completed task activity on the Contact or Lead that receives a message.

Secure Two-Way Messaging with Contacts and Leads

Does your team send SMS messages to customers and contacts with their personal phones or random browser-based tools? That’s a bummer, since the former exposes personal information, and the latter isn’t tracked in Salesforce where the rest of your team can see the interactions. The One-To-One Messaging tool in Twilio for Salesforce allows your users to message directly with Contacts and Leads within the context of the record, using a familiar chat interface. Using Salesforce protects your employee’s privacy and allows you to track messages both automatically and transparently.

I work at a for-profit company. Is Twilio for Salesforce for me, too?

We have heard through the grapevine that for-profit businesses use and get value out of Salesforce as well :). While Twilio for Salesforce is designed to work well with the Nonprofit Success Pack, it will also work great for businesses using Salesforce that simply want to build with Twilio in their environment.

Getting Started

If Twilio for Salesforce sounds interesting for your organization, please sign up for access to the preview release! We will be onboarding as many organizations as we can in the march to a full GA release on the App Exchange later this year. In the meantime, you can head over to our documentation to see how Twilio for Salesforce works, and sign up to join our Success Community. Once onboarded for the preview, you can connect with the Twilio for Salesforce team and community to talk about the package.

We can’t wait to see what you build!

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