Sending text messages from your iOS app in Swift using MFMessageComposeViewController

Do you ever want to send text messages in your iOS app from your user’s phone number? While you can’t do this directly without your user’s consent, you can display a pre-composed message for your user to send using MFMessageComposeViewController. If you want to programmatically send an SMS from a different phone number, you can do this with Swift using Twilio. That’s cool. Let’s send a… Read More

Finding and Fixing Website Link Rot with Python, BeautifulSoup and Requests

When hyperlinks go dead by returning 404 or 500 HTTP status codes or redirect to spam websites, that is the awful phenomenon know as “link rot”. Link rot is a widespread problem; in fact, research shows that an average link lasts four years. In this blog post, we will look at how link rot affects user experience, using Full Stack Python as our example. We’ll build a Python script… Read More

Building a World Cup Bot with Python, Twilio SMS and Slack

The World Cup. For us Brazilians, it’s like the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, World Series, and Stanley Cup, combined, multiplied by 100. For those of us diehard ‘futebol’ fans following the games in Russia from the Western hemisphere, it’s been quite the challenge keeping up since most of the games are on while we’re at work. I knew I wasn’t the only one in the office… Read More

Tracking #100DaysOfCode Tweets using JavaScript, Node.js, Firebase and Twilio SMS

Two years ago, Alexander Kallaway created an online movement called #100DaysOfCode. The purpose was to get out of “tutorial purgatory” and start building real projects to advance himself as a programmer. The challenge is simple: commit to coding for 100 days and tweet about your progress using the hashtag #100DaysOfCode. Sounds fun, right? It totally is, until you lose track of what day you’re on. That’s… Read More

Cloud Orchestration, Lazarus and Interning at Twilio

There are a few technical interview strategies everyone knows: communicate your thoughts, give yourself time to think, and keep calm. Absent among these, of course, is coming up entirely blank for a question. So when in the interview for an engineering internship my manager asked, “What experience do you have with distributed systems?” I took a deep breath and, cringing a little, replied, “None, yet. But… Read More

Accessing Salesforce CRM Data within Twilio Studio

Access to customer context is key to a great customer experience in voice and messaging flows. As it lets you customize your interactions specific to that customer and address their needs promptly. In this blog post, we will walk through the steps involved in connecting to Salesforce CRM database with Twilio Studio. This means, that when a customer calls into your contact center, in realtime, we… Read More

Getting Started with Apache Spark by Analyzing Pwned Passwords

Apache Spark aims to solve the problem of working with large scale distributed data and with access to over 500 million leaked passwords we have a lot of data to dig through. If you spend any time with the password data set, you’ll notice how simple most passwords are. This is why we’re always thinking about how to encourage stronger passwords and recommend turning on Two-factor authentication everywhere it’s… Read More

Building Reusable iOS Components in Swift

Keeping it DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) is every software developer’s priority in seeing a product through to completion. It not only helps make debugging easier, but also provisions easy testing and writing less code whilst achieving more. More than once, I’ve found myself building reusable components to reduce the repetitiveness in my code. For instance, building an iOS application will involve building multiple table view controllers…. Read More