Introducing Twilio Flex: A Fully Programmable Contact Center Platform

Introducing Twilio Flex

At Twilio we often say, “We can’t wait to see what you build.” That’s because the communications building blocks we provide are only as powerful and innovative as the applications that developers create with them. It’s these builders who have shown us just how far our APIs can be taken, from 3D mapping with AR and IoT potty training, to a life-saving text line and data-driven debt relief. But… Read More

TaskRouter: New Add-ons for Analytics and Workforce Management

Add-ons for TaskRouter

New Add-ons for out-of-the-box analytics and workforce management. Partners include Keen IO, Ytica, Verint, Teleopti, and more. Available in developer preview. Last year when we announced Add-on support for TaskRouter, we set out on a mission to extend TaskRouter’s capabilities. Our goal was to help contact centers make routing decisions using as much data from the customer’s phone number as possible, such as location and demographic… Read More

Building an IVR with no code by using TaskRouter as a state machine

The other day, a customer showed me their Twilio-powered IVR. Specifically, they showed the code that tracks a caller’s progress through the IVR. They built an IVR state machine that solved some of the common challenges many run into when building a complex, multi-stage IVR: They wanted a generic, re-usable solution to keep track of where each caller is within the overall IVR experience each time… Read More

Introducing Marketplace Add-on support for TaskRouter

Today we’re excited to announce Twilio Marketplace Add-on support for TaskRouter. TaskRouter is Twilio’s skills-based routing engine designed for sending things like customer support interactions or sales leads to the best matched agents. Now with Marketplace support, it’s super easy to make routing decisions based on third party data from the customer’s phone number like location information, demographic information and more. Twilio Marketplace Add-ons can give… Read More

Introducing Last In, First Out (LIFO) Support for TaskRouter

Today we’re excited to announce that TaskRouter now supports Last In, First Out (LIFO) for routing tasks. Before we get into LIFO, a quick refresher: TaskRouter is a skill-based routing engine, designed for routing work such as customer support interactions or sales leads to the best matched agent. The addition of LIFO means that you can now choose between the default behavior where the longest waiting… Read More

Introducing Multitasking for Taskrouter

Today we’re excited to introduce a new feature for TaskRouter – multitasking. Before we get into multitasking, a quick refresher: TaskRouter is a skill-based routing engine, designed for routing work such as customer support interactions to the best matched agent. Multitasking extends what you can build with TaskRouter by allowing workers to handle multiple tasks concurrently. TaskRouter can be used for many different solutions, but the… Read More

Using Bots To Route Customer Requests Based On Sentiment and Emotion

2016: the year where no strategy or vision pitch was complete without mentioning bots.  You can’t watch a tech keynote, scroll through your newsfeed, or be anywhere online without reading how bots are replacing apps, or replacing humans.   Assuming though for just a moment that we don’t turn our every human interaction, from wedding vows to childcare, into an AI driven chat based interaction… we… Read More

Twilio Video at SIGNAL: Pricing to Support Video in Every Application

Today at SIGNAL, we made the beta of Twilio Video available to all attendees, and announced a fundamentally different pricing model for Video. It is designed to put video in every single app. Twilio Video costs two orders of magnitude less than the per-user and per-minute pricing models prevalent in the industry. Since we announced video a few weeks ago, we’ve had over a thousand developers… Read More

Route Tasks Even Faster with TaskRouter Multi-Reservation

We built TaskRouter to help customers solve a recurring problem: matching tasks to the right people or processes that can best handle them. Developers have started to use TaskRouter to build everything from multi-channel call centers to rich CRM integrations. Today we’re excited to announce an enhancement to TaskRouter that makes it possible to route tasks and get them completed even more quickly. We have learned… Read More