Take More Control of Outbound Messages Using Validity Period

Better late than never…or is it? For some applications, it may be better for a message to fail completely than to arrive late. Now you have more control over your messages using  validity period. This period dictates how long you want Twilio to try to deliver your messages before failing with an error. Imagine you subscribe to SMS traffic alerts for your daily evening commute home…. Read More

Twilio Programmable Chat release with new features and pricing

Announcing new name, features, and pricing for chat product

Today we’re excited to announce a comprehensive update to our chat SDKs giving you even more control over the chat experience and cutting the time it takes to build full-featured chat into your mobile apps, SaaS products, and websites. Allow me to reintroduce myself We’ve found that IP Messaging wasn’t an intuitive product name for many of you. When you came looking for a Twilio chat… Read More

Introducing Sync – Real-time State Synchronization API

Synchronize web and mobile apps with a single source of state in the cloud.

Today we’re excited to introduce Sync, a purpose-built API for easily synchronizing state across devices and between users. State synchronization is a critical part of every application, but it’s a complex problem to solve in real-time, at scale. With Twilio Sync, developers can now spend their time building features for customers instead of building state synchronization infrastructure or customizing general purpose backend products. Sync is designed to… Read More

Announcing SMPP Interface for global SMS

We are very excited today to announce a newly available SMPP Interface to Programmable SMS. SMPP is the underlying telecommunication protocol used by carriers to send and receive text messages. Now you can connect your existing SMPP client (ESME) to Twilio to take advantage of our global SMS reach, instant phone number provisioning, and robust operational tools.   Programmable SMS, via SMPP Since 2010, Twilio has… Read More

Announcing Twilio Interconnect – Private Connections to the Twilio Cloud

Today we are excited to introduce Twilio Interconnect —a private connection to the Twilio cloud. For the first time, you can take advantage of Twilio’s SIP capabilities over an entirely private network connection. Interconnect works with both Elastic SIP trunking for deploying on-demand voice connectivity around the world and with SIP Interface for adding new capabilities to your voice applications. A private connection protects yours calls… Read More

Emergency Calling (E911) Available Today for SIP Trunking in Twilio Account Portal

We’re excited today to make Emergency Calling available within the US and Canada, and configurable for Elastic SIP Trunking in the Twilio account portal. Elastic SIP Trunking is our service that enables you to instantly provision global voice connectivity for VoIP infrastructure (whether that’s a PBX, SBC, or any other SIP infrastructure). Emergency Calling allows you to route 911 calls to the appropriate Public Safety Answering Point (or PSAP) and programmatically pass… Read More

Twilio Client 1.3 Adds ORTC Support for Microsoft Edge, Call Quality Improvements, and More

Today we are excited to launch improvements to the Twilio Client JavaScript SDK, our service that enables developers to embed voice communications in browser applications, giving users the power to communicate with context. Twilio Client 1.3 brings a ton of improvements to your voice over IP applications. The library is now compatible with ORTC in Microsoft’s Edge browser. The combined new features of static IP address ranges for Twilio… Read More

In-App Video Now Available in Public Beta

Twilio Video is available today

Today, we’re excited to announce that Twilio Video is available to all Twilio customers as a public beta. You can now access our iOS and Javascript SDKs from the Twilio account portal, and embed live peer-to-peer video into your mobile and web applications. (Request access to Android SDK here). We are stoked about the potential of in-app video calling – because it enables use cases that surpass a… Read More

On-demand pcaps – Greater Visibility into Elastic SIP Trunking

Twilio SIP Trunking

Today we are excited to begin exposing packet captures (pcaps) from the edge of the Twilio network. These pcaps help you to configure & troubleshoot Elastic SIP Trunks. This latest tool is available today in your account portal for all SIP Trunking calls. We will automatically generate these pcaps of the signaling for all trunking calls and keep them available for you for 48 hours. Greater… Read More