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  • By Anoop Tomar
    Introducing iOS Developer of Technical Content, Anoop Tomar Introducing iOS Developer of Technical Content - Anoop Tomar.png

    Hello everyone, my name is Anoop Tomar and I’m very excited to join the Developer Voices team. I currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my beautiful wife and daughter.

    There is an interesting (I think 🤔) story behind how I got here and I would like to share, by taking you back in time.


    The beginning

    My dad was an electronics engineer, so he introduced me to circuit boards and soldering irons when I was eight year old. I had the same number of LEDs, registers, and diodes as toy cars 😁. My curiosity drove me to open anything and everything that was powered by electricity, to see what kind of circuits those equipment were hiding.

    Once, I got my hands on my dad’s solar powered calculator. I opened it up to see what’s inside, specifically how the small solar plates powered the LCD display. When I …

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