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  • By Billy Chia
    Introducing Twilio’s Next Generation Helper Libraries twilio-helper-libraries

    At Twilio, 77% of all requests to our REST API are made by a helper library user-agent. It’s the most common touch point between Twilio and you, the developer.

    That’s why we’re so excited to announce early access to the next generation of our Python and Ruby helper libraries. These next-gen libraries are built on a new API auto-generation tool, homegrown within Twilio, designed to make all future helper libraries a whole lot better.

    As Twilio has grown, introducing new products like Video, IP Messaging and SIP Trunking, our API surface has grown as well. Twilio’s first helper libraries were written in only a few languages, and supported only 12 endpoints. We now support 8 subdomains and over 200 endpoints in 7 languages: C#, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, Node.js and Salesforce. Manually generating all of these libraries at the level of excellence developers have come to expect from us has …

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  • By Billy Chia
    IP Messaging Public Beta Now Available twilio_ipmessaging_blog

    Today, we are happy to announce that Twilio IP Messaging is now available for everyone as a public beta. With Twilio SDKs, you can embed rich chat experiences right into your mobile and web apps. All the advanced features that users expect are already there, so you aren’t stuck writing custom code to handle things like typing indicators and data synchronization across devices.

    Best of all, IP Messaging is powered by the Twilio Cloud to deliver unparalleled scale and resilience. This means the same cloud ops team trusted by Uber, Home Depot, and Nordstrom will be ensuring your messages get delivered.

    Why a Chat API?

    These days real-time chat is becoming a core feature of almost every app. From online marketplaces to dating apps, users want to chat with each other without having to leave one app and switch to a dedicated messaging app. Not only is constant app switching …

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  • By Billy Chia
    Updates to the Twilio Account Portal Twilio Bug Logo

    Today when you log in to the Twilio Account Portal you’ll notice some changes that we think you’ll like. First, we updated the navigation structure, making it easier to get around. Next, we’ve added new platform features like Services and API Keys, giving you additional flexibility in configuration and simplifying how you operate your apps.

    Over the past year we’ve added a bunch of new features and products, from small updates to major new communications channels like Video. We know that it’s just as important to focus on the operational side of those new features as it is to deliver on the features themselves. Below you’ll find a list of the updates designed to make it faster and easier for you to get to the settings, dashboards, and tools you need.

    Voice and SMS Get Their Own Sections

    The biggest change we’ve made is to unbundle the content …

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  • By Billy Chia
    Announcing IP Messaging: APIs for Embedding Advanced Chat IPMessagingBlog

    Today, at SIGNAL we announced Twilio IP Messaging. Twilio IP Messaging allows developers to embed advanced person-to-person chat in mobile apps, SaaS products, and websites.

    So many conversations start with an instant message. It works for doing everything from gathering friends for a night out, to collaborating with coworkers on the latest project. Now, chat can be an embedded and contextual experience in any software application.

    With Twilio IP Messaging, developers can rely on Twilio for all their communications. Our suite of offerings now includes voice, video, and messaging for carrier-based services, like PSTN and SMS, as well as IP-based services that embedded directly into the app.

    Keeping Chat Contextual

    Embedded chat provides a better user experience because it maintains context that’s critical to the conversation.

    If several people are using an app together, and want to communicate about it, what do they do? One option is for …

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