Nordic APIs Tour: Bringing The API Revolution On The Road With Ben Nunney


The world is a very different place now than it was 20 years ago. Back in the 90s, when the vision of a computer on every desk in every home was starting to look like it might really happen, few people predicted the hyper-connected world in which technology would come to thrive. Little thought was given to upgrading infrastructure to cope with high-speed data connections and,… Read More

Ben Nunney: Code On The Road with Young Rewired State


This is a syndicated post, originally published on European Developer Evangelist, Ben Nunney’s blog. Ben details his experience driving over 2,000 miles in a few days to connect with young coders who are building the future of the software industry, and working with fantastic APIs. For the past few years I’ve supported Young Rewired State. So have Twilio. This year – now that we’re one in… Read More

London Calling: Twilions and DOers Springing Into A Busy Summer

Hello!  I’m Ben, bringing you an update from Twilio’s European office  – and boy has it been a busy few months. April and May saw us at an average of one event every couple of days – spreading the love, seeing your hacks, and scouting out entries for the first round of Twilio Fund Europe. Keen not to lose momentum in July, we’ve just come back… Read More

London’s Tech Community Funds Shoreditch’s Village Hall, A Place for DOers


Here in the Twilio Europe office, right in the heart of London, we’re always hearing about cool and exciting projects happening in the local tech scene. London is one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities for doers, builders, dreamers and creators that I’ve ever had the fortune to live in – and this week, we’re absolutely over the moon to be supporting a great project… Read More