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  • By Carter Rabasa
    Twilio Makes a Comeback in Seattle with Office Hours & Startup Weekend Twilio Bug Logo

    This post was originally posted on the Startup Weekend blog, found here. Carter Rabasa is a Twilio Developer Evangelist based in Seattle and he’s looking forward to meeting all the local developers so say hello at

    Twilio is gearing up for a big weekend in Seattle as we’re sponsoring Seattle Startup Weekend and I’m excited to spend this time with the local tech community. Twilio was started in Seattle, so this city figures deeply into our DNA and since I’m based here, my objective was clear: find the startups in Seattle, who is supporting them and how I can help. I’m thrilled to announce that Twilio will be hosting regular office hours in The Easy, located in the base …

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  • By Carter Rabasa
    Startup Weekend Launches its GOV Initiative in Seattle Twilio Bug Logo
    Mayor McGinn Kicks it Off

    This past weekend Startup Weekend kicked-off it’s GOV initiative in Seattle. The premise is simple: connect communities and governments to innovative and entrepreneurial people. Startup Weekend has done such a great job of rallying these DOers over the years in order to solve persistent and pressing problems.

    Mayor McGinn and representatives from the City of Seattle, King County and the State of Washington were on hand this past Friday to kick-off the event and thank everyone for spending their weekend thinking about how to use technology and think differently about improving their communities.

    Crunching Data and Hacking Government

    Team My Spot busy finding a …
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  • By Carter Rabasa
    Microsoft's Imagine Cup: Student Developers FTW Twilio Bug Logo
    The Commons at Microsoft HQ

    Last weekend I was lucky enough be a judge for the US Finals of Microsoft’s Imagine Cup. The Imagine Cup is a global competition that challenges students to use technology to solve the world’s toughest problems. I am very passionate about getting more students and young people to learn how to code, so this competition is near and dear to my heart.

    The Imagine Cup is considered the world’s largest student technology competition and drew 358,000 students representing 183 countries and regions last year. This year the two primary categories were Software Design and Game Design and I was asked to sit on the judging panel for Game Design submissions. The final …

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  • By Carter Rabasa
    JSConf 2012: Bull Rides & Bacon in Scottsdale Twilio Bug Logo

    Every year around January it starts. A tweet gets sent, a rough landing page is set-up and the drum beat to JSConf begins. JSConf is special: it is curated with love by Chris and Laura Williams, it welcomes families and significant others and it keeps itself small in order to provide an intimate environment for everyone to get to know one another and build durable connections. Oh, and there are lots of presentations about Javascript and bacon.

    45 pans of bacon were consumed, a Kimpton record

    Javascript is Rolling

    Javascript has been on a tear lately. Browser makers have been improving the web platform by leaps and bounds, OS vendors are increasingly making JS and HTML5 the bedrock of …

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  • By Carter Rabasa
    Behind the Code: HackVAN Twilio Bug Logo
    Hacking in Style at A Thinking Ape

    Last weekend Vancouver, BC played host to the HackVAN hackathon. HackVan brought together developers, designers and create people from across Canada to spend eight hours coming up with some crazy ideas and getting them prototyped. Twilio was one of many platform companies that were supporting this event, including Microsoft, Yellow Pages, Freshbooks, PhoneGap and several others.

    HackVAN was organized by Boris Mann of IQMetrix and was held at the offices of A Thinking Ape in the Gastown district of Vancouver. HackDays has posted their recap of the event, but I thought I’d take a moment to highlight a couple of really cool people I met at the event and …

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  • By Carter Rabasa
    A Hidden Gem: Fallback URLs Twilio Bug Logo

    When you build an application with Twilio, connecting your app to your Twilio number is simply a matter of defining a couple of webhooks to the parts of your application that will be handling voice and SMS requests. Just like that, voice and SMS are live. But sometimes you might want a backup set of instructions in case of any issues, like for example, a communication breakdown between Twilio and your web application. You can easily go beyond the initial defaults to configure your application to deal with scenarios like this using a Voice and SMS Fallback URLs.

    Twilio applications are, by their nature, distributed applications and the connections are defined by the Voice Request URL and SMS Request URL. If Twilio cannot retrieve a valid response from the webhooks you define, it will respond in a pre-defined way:

    • For an error retrieving a Voice Request URL, an error is …
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  • By Carter Rabasa
    Eventr Captures Twilio Prize at Angel Hack SF Twilio Bug Logo
    CAUTION: Intense Hacking in Progress

    On March 3rd the startup communities in Boston and San Francisco converged on Angel Hack, a bi-coastal hackathon that attracted hundreds of developers who had 30 hours to build an app from scratch and pitch it to a panel of angel investors. I attended the San Francisco event which was held at Adobe’s offices on Townsend St. I had a font-row seat to a whirlwind of activity: teams forming, teams disbanding, rapid-fire brainstorming, ideas coming into focus and eventually a flurry of check-ins. It was fun to see some great apps built using Twilio, including Download4me, Remedicine, Confession Call and Audiolyzer.

    I had the pleasure of awarding the Twi …

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  • By Carter Rabasa
    Introducing Carter Rabasa, Developer Evangelist Bringing Twilio Back to Seattle Twilio Bug Logo

    Hello, world. My name is Carter Rabasa and I am your friendly neighborhood developer evangelist. I live in Seattle which (not many people know this) also happens to be where Twilio was born. I joined Twilio because I believe that being able to code is the new literacy. Being able to code isn’t just about making a living as a developer, it’s about learning to think clearly, having more control of your life and being self-reliant. Twilio is dedicated to opening up black boxes and democratizing access to tools and technology so that people can create amazing things.

    Speaking of Black Boxes: HTML5

    Prior to joining Twilio, I spent two years evangelizing HTML5 at Microsoft. Many of the developers I talked to were super confused about what HTML5 was, what it was good for and which browsers supported it. This sucked, because HTML5 is awesome. As a Product …

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  • By Carter Rabasa
    Seattle Entrepreneurs Descend on The Startup Conference Twilio Bug Logo

    Yesterday I attended The Startup Conference in downtown Seattle, organized by the Founder Institute. This was the Institutes’s first go in Seattle after putting on the conference in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and Paris. Being relatively new to the Seattle startup scene, I was looking for a solid litmus test of the local entrepreneurial energy as we kick-off 2012.

    This conference was a single-day event that featured CEOs from Seattle’s most interesting startups, including Rich Barton (Zillow), Rand Fishkin (SEOMoz), Neil Patel (KISSmetrics) and Glenn Kelman (Redfin). These awesome speakers were rounded out with a Pitch Session featuring over a dozen startups with the top-3 advancing to …

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