Salesforce and Twilio Resources: Communicating In and Outside of Salesforce

As a Solution Architect at Twilio, I get asked about the building blocks of integrating Twilio into Salesforce…a lot. Some of the most common scenarios I get asked about are click-to-call, creating Call Centers within Salesforce’s OpenCTI, making outbound dialers, integrating SMS for creating cases and two way conversations, mobile marketing, to name a few. Since Twilio is an API, and Salesforce is a platform, the… Read More

Voice Biometric Authentication With Twilio

What if you could use your voice as a password – saying a phrase that only works if you said it?  That would be more secure than even a complex password because a person’s voice is harder to duplicate than any password. Well you can, using voice biometric authentication.  Voice biometric authentication techniques – using digital sampling techniques to recognize a  speaker’s voice – are gaining… Read More